You're invited...

Please be our guest this Easter!

Saturday's service is a family service with a cry room available for children under 2.

Sunday's experiences will include all programming for babies - adults.

Read below to see what Easter is all about and why we celebrate our Risen Savior.

Palm Sunday

Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey, paraded into town, lauded by the people as their "King." He is recognized by many as their Messiah.

The Last Supper

Four days later, Jesus partakes of the Passover meal with His disciples, referred to later as the Last Supper. As they go through the motions of the meal representing the way in which God passed over the homes of the Israelites so many years ago in Egypt, Christ reveals to His disciples that HE is the Lamb of God, He is the One who will be sacrificed.

He spends the night praying in the Garden of Gesthemane, where he is later arrested by the Roman officials.

Good Friday

There's not much "good" about this day. Jesus is put on trial, beat, whipped, and forced to carry His cross to the hill at Golgotha, where he is nailed to it. A crown of thorns is placed on His head and He is mocked. He cries out to God in the same moment as He asks forgiveness for His persecutors. 

He gives up His spirit and dies. The ground shakes. Rocks split. The curtain in the temple is torn in two from top to bottom.

Resurrection Day!

Three days later, as women are going to prepare His body for burial, they find the tomb EMPTY. Jesus is ALIVE!

His sacrifice prepares the way for us to enter into eternity with God.

His resurrection proves He conquered death and we will live forever with Him in eternity.