adult discipleship

Are you interested in beginning your faith journey?

Growing as a disciple of Christ? 

Learning more about the Word of God?

Connecting with other Christians at LCC?

Read below for more information on groups, studies, and helps.

Are you new to Lebanon Christian Church? Click here to see the Pathway, designed as the next steps to guide you through making a decision for Christ, membership at LCC, and plugging in to serve.

Catalyst studies meet on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings and are designed to immerse the participant in the Word of God. Click here to see the current study offerings and to sign up.

Christians were created to live and grow together. Life Groups meet regularly to study, learn, serve, and do life together. If you are interested in learning more about Life Groups at LCC, click here

making disciples


  • Share the Gospel
  • Share your life
  • Share new truth
  • Share new habits



  • Connect to God
  • Connect to life group
  • Connect them to purpose



  • Equip for ministry
  • Provide ministry opportunities
  • Release to do ministry



  • Explain discipleship process
  • Release to disciple another with your help
  • Release to discipline alone


Source: Real-Life Discipleship Training Manual by Jim Putman, Avery T. Willis, Jr., Brandon Guindon, and Bill Krause