lcc operations

repairs & maintenance

Are you Mr. or Ms. Fix-It? We need people who are handy with tools, like to paint, and are good at maintenance to serve on our team for property maintenance. Fill out this form and we will let you know that work that needs done.

lawn care

We are blessed with a large property! It takes time and volunteers to keep it looking nice, though. We need gardeners to come pull weeds and plant flowers. We ask for mowing volunteers to commit to one or two weekends a season and mow the entire property in that time (we have two mowers). If these are things you enjoy, sign up here, and we will add you to a schedule and arrange for a training.


LCC owns a passenger van and a shuttle. We need drivers to take groups to events and also people to plan maintenance on the vehicles. No special license endorsement is needed to drive the vehicles, but you will need to be trained and added to our insurance. Drivers of anyone under 18 will need to pass a background check. If you're interested in being a driver or maintaining the vehicles, click here to sign up.

technology & Worship

Are computers and technology your thing? We use volunteers for networking, computer maintenance, phone line maintenance, database equipment, worship needs, and much more. Click here for a list of job descriptions for volunteers needed in worship. If you have knowledge to share, click here and we will contact you about serving with our tech ministry.