Join us for the Renew Gathering 2023.  The Renew Gathering is a global gathering of disciples of Jesus to learn from faithful disciple-makers around the world.  It's a time of learning and discussion.  This year The Renew Gathering is being hosted at Trader's Point Christian Church just down the road from Lebanon.  As the date approaches, we'll contact all participants to let you know where Lebanon Christian Church can meet up and experience this together. When you register below, you are only telling us that you are going so we can connect with you.  You will still need to follow the provided link once you hit submit on our website to register for the Gathering yourself.  Please note, that the Renew Gathering spans two days.  The first evening on April 25th is a unique experience at East 91st Street Christian Church.  Registration will allow you access to this, but what we are encouraging is your participation on Wednesday April 26th at Trader's Point Christian Church in Whitestown. We look forward to seeing you there!