What can you expect?

LCC Elders, staff, and volunteers have worked hard to make our building and programs safe for you and your children.

Watch and read below for some of the things you can expect when you return to church.

  • how are you feeling?

    Before joining us for in-person worship, please assess your current health. If you, or anyone you've recently been in contact with, are exhibiting any of the following symptoms, please stay home and worship with us online at 10:30am on Sundays:

    • Fever or chills
    • Cough
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    • Fatigue
    • Muscle or body aches
    • Headaches
    • New loss of taste of smell
    • Sore throat
    • Congestion or runny nose
    • Nausea or vomiting
    • Diarrhea
    Learn more at cdc.gov/coronavirus.

    That is entirely up to you, your health, and your comfort level. We have reserved the far right section of the auditorium for those who are wearing masks. You are certainly free to sit anywhere in a mask, but if you are more comfortable surrounded by others with masks, that would be a good place to sit.

    We do have some masks available at the Guest Services desk if you need one.


    The check-in hosts will assist with check-in. They will enter your name and check in your family, so there are minimal people touching the computers. You can tear off any labels that print for your children. 

  • Where do i sit?

    Every other row in the auditorium is roped off to ensure social distancing, and we ask that you leave 3-4 seats between households. The student center is set up for social distancing, and the kids auditorium is equipped with floor circles to help the children keep an acceptable distance. We'll do our best with the little ones too!

  • How do i give my offering?

    In addition to the five simple ways listed below, there are giving boxes located on the communion tables. Feel free to drop in your tithe as you go through for communion, then sanitize your hands before taking the elements.

  • what about communion?

    You will be released from your seats for communion, where you will move to the nearest of six stations. You have the opportunity to give offering, take a Connection Card, sanitize your hands, and take communion back to your seat the take it in quiet reflection.

    If you need assistance or are unable to walk to a communion station, please raise your hand and a deacon will bring you a tray where you can take a double cup of the bread and juice.

  • can i get a bulletin?

    We will continue to email a weekly digital bulletin, available here each week. If you are not getting the weekly emails, contact the church office and we will update your information.

    If you would like to pick up a printed copy of the email, there will be limited copies available at the Guest Services desk on Sunday morning.

  • Can I get coffee?

    We will not have coffee urns available, but you are welcome to bring your own. We will have bottles of water at the coffee stations for your convenience.

  • I have a baby in the nursery. What do i need to know?

    Our nursery will be open as usual, but we will provide all the diapering needs for your child. Please leave all diaper bags and things from home out in the hallway. We will come out to get a bottle or pacifier if your baby needs it.

  • what about preschool children?

    Your children are always welcome to go to "big church" with you. However, we will have classes open for children. When you bring your child, please stop at the classroom gate to sanitize hands. We will be outside anytime that the weather is nice. They will do Little Hands Worship in their own classroom, rather than meeting together as a large group. Volunteers will be diligent about helping children wash their hands, use sanitizer, and cleaning common areas. If possible, please send only one adult to drop off and pick up your child to avoid congestion in the halls. Use the floor stickers to maintain social distancing in the hallways.


    Children will be asked to use hand sanitizer before entering the room. There will be sanitizer available in the room and in each small group. Children will be challenged to sit on a carpet dot to help maintain appropriate social distancing. Small group leaders will work to limit shared supplies and maintain distances between children. With all of that in place, Kids Church will look similar to what it has in the past. Children will come to stations to give offering and/or take communion. They will be loved, cared for, and have fun with their friends and small group leaders! If possible, please send only one adult to drop off and pick up your child and use the floor stickers to maintain social distancing in the hallways.

  • what about student ministry?

    Our students will be asked to sanitize on their way into the Student Center, and we will have life groups meeting in the large rooms upstairs to allow them to keep their distance. Students and leaders may be asked to help wipe down their area and furniture after use. The coffee bar will be closed, so make sure to eat breakfast before you come.

    During Overflow weeks (2nd Sunday of the month), we will have Overflow worship at 9am, hang-out time at 10am, and life groups at 10:30am with NO breakfast during hang-out time. 

    We will continue our digital programming for those who want to, or who cannot attend in-person services. You're always welcome to Zoom with us Sundays at 7pm and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:12pm.

  • How can i help?

    As you can imagine, these adjustments have created several new serving opportunities. Some are behind-the-scenes, if you are trying to avoid contact with people. Click here for a list of new opportunities or to sign up.

Current announcements

Digital Bulletin 7.2.2020


Free Ones, 


Lebanon Christian Church, it is so good to know that we will see a steady stream of you begin to worship with us over the next several weeks and probably months. Even when we cannot share in worshiping our God in the physical presence of one another, we know that we are worshiping him alongside millions of other believers as the church has done for generations.  


On this Fourth of July weekend, our minds are drawn to freedom. Certainly during the pandemic and civil unrest that we have experienced this year, freedom has taken on a whole new meaning for all of us. As disciples of Jesus, we have a freedom that isn't most expressed in our own personal liberty to do any and all that we want, but rather a freedom to live beneath the yoke of Jesus. As disciples we have freedom to love, serve, encourage, forgive, sacrifice, wait patiently, pray, and live generously. These are freedoms that laws cannot take away.  


Even when the way seems dark in America, I think it is important to realize that if we choose to look for the good, we will see so much of it. There are many men and women of all colors and ethnicities who care for and respect one another. There are incredible law enforcement officers who help us, serve us, and protect us when the influence of Satan (the enemy of God) shows up in the behaviors of men. It's these great men and women, of all colors and ethnicities, in law enforcement and not, that help make our nation a really good place to live, even when we are not at our best.


Free with you in Christ, 




We hope you’ll join us for worship this weekend! If you are worshiping online, please check in here: https://lebanonchristian.elexiochms.com/external/form/0f6141e0-0c8f-4d15-a65b-db52bbb22284


Ways to Worship

  • In person!! You can come to worship at 9am or 10:30am on Sunday!
  • YouTube: LCC Worship channel. The service will be LIVE at 10:30am.
  • LCC Facebook – the service will be LIVE at 10:30am.
  • Lebanonchristian.org/messages - Available on Monday.
  • Podcast (search Lebanon Christian Church in your podcast app or click the link on lebanonchristian.org/messages) - available on Monday.
  • CD – email office@lebanonchristian.org or call 765-482-4673 to be added to the CD mailing list.
  • DVD – we now have the capability to burn DVDs of the entire service for you to watch on your DVD player. If you know someone without internet, this is a great way for them to participate. Please email office@lebanonchristian.org or call 765-482-4673 to add someone to the DVD mailing list.


What to Expect

The elders and staff at LCC have been working diligently behind the scenes to prepare for our re-opening. To prepare for your first visit back to LCC, read here and watch the video: https://www.lebanonchristian.org/covid-19


Scripture Reference

7.5 – Luke 9:51-10:24

7.12 – Luke 10:38-42


412 Student Ministries Habitat Trip – Stay Home to Build a Home!

The deadline is coming up! This summer we are working with Habitat for Humanity right here in Lebanon during the week of July 14-18. Get more information, register, and pay here (all by July 6): https://lebanonchristian.elexiochms.com/external/form/ead81f94-f205-482a-a1b4-46938c064958


412 Students Summer Retreat

Hanging Rock has cancelled camp for the summer, but we can still have a retreat there! All students who finished grades 6-12 are invited to join us at Hanging Rock July 19-21. Find more information and register here by July 13: https://lebanonchristian.elexiochms.com/external/form/8bffea84-3694-47a5-b57b-02b73312e358


Volunteers Needed!

The adjustments we have had to make in our schedules and in our programming have created a need for a new crew of volunteers. Check out the list of new volunteer positions and register here: https://www.lebanonchristian.org/connect/new-serve-opportunities


Promotion Sunday

Promotion Sunday for children and youth will be Sunday, August 2. Start preparing your preschoolers, and those who have just completed Kindergarten or 5th grade. You will receive more information via email and postcards.


Family Fun Event at Seashore Waterpark

Mark your calendars for July 26 from 6:30-8:30pm for FREE family fun! All families in preschool and Children’s Ministry are welcome, and bring your whole family. This will be a great opportunity to hang out with Mallory, our new children’s minister! Registration opens here on July 5: https://www.lebanonchristian.org/events/family-fun-swim

request a sermon cd or DVD

Sometimes the best way for people to engage in worship is to listen to a CD of the sermon audio, whether because of slow or limited internet or technical difficulty. If this is you or someone you know, please fill out this form. We are happy to mail audio CDs of the sermon to anyone who would like one.

We now have the ability to record DVDs of the entire service, to be viewed on a computer or DVD player. If you know someone without internet who would like a DVD of our services, please email office@lebanonchristian.org or call 765-482-4673 to add them to our mailing list.

Worship through giving

Church may not be meeting, but ministry is still happening and the needs are still great. There are still simple ways for you to do your usual giving.

By Mail

You can mail a check that you would normally drop in the offering plate to: Lebanon Christian Church, P.O. Box 664 Lebanon, IN 46052


On the website, click on "Give" in the top menu bar. You can sign in to the database and give with your credit/debit card or add your checking account to your database account and give through automatic withdrawal. This method is preferred as there are no fees associated with it. If you have trouble with your password, click the "Forgot Password" button and retrieve it via your email address. You can also give here without signing in to your account.

Mobile App

If you have the LCC Elexio Mobile App, click on "Give" and you can go through the steps as above.

Text to Give

Text the word "GIVE" to 765-375-1LCC and follow the prompts. After you have done that one time to set up an account, you can text the amount you'd like to donate.

Drop off a Check

Stop by the Lebanon location of Home National Bank and drop a check at the drive-up window or in the night deposit box. The check must indicate the designations in the memo line and be in an envelope marked "Lebanon Christian Church Offering."