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The Overflow: Fathoming Grace

Most people are familiar with the story of Jonah, and would tell you that it is a story all about a man getting swallowed by a whale.  But they would be missing out on what Jonah missed too... the story of God's grace.  We're going to try to understand God's grace as we study this mission that God gave to Jonah.  This series will run from Jan 14 - Feb 11 in our classes and Jan 21 - Feb 11 in the Overflow (Please note that we will not have the Overflow on Jan 28 due to HS Winter Retreat at camp).


Jr High Impact:  The Puzzle

Did you know that when you are tempted, God promises to help you find a way out of it?  Three students are about to take the final of a lifetime. This will be unlike any test they’ve ever taken before.  Don’t miss what valuable lessons they’ll learn in this series, The Puzzle.   This series will run from Feb 7-28.