resources for parents

Back to School

School is back in session for most of our families, and that means families getting into daily routines!  Between homework, sports practices, after-school clubs, and trying to find a reasonable bedtime for everyone, we know it can be tough to find any more time in a day!

At LCC, we intentionally planned to start our fall programs for families after Labor Day, to help you build those rhythms with your family.  But we didn't want to leave out time to develop the faith of your kids!  We know that parents have the greatest influence over their children's faith, so we want to partner with you and equip you with the tools and resources you need to make time in your family for developing their faith!  Trust us, we know how challenging parenting can be, and being spiritual mentors to your kids is an even greater challenge!  But we believe in you! (and so did God when he gave you your kids!)  So we'd like to equip you with these resources as you make time for faith with your kids!

Some help from Parent Cues

Here's a great place to start if you need some advice on how to make the most of your calling as a parent!  Learn some tips, get some inspiration, and pick up a few parenting hacks and discover how a few minutes of time here will benefit your family!


Resources for you

Check out these resources and see how they can help you with some specific opportunities that a new school year presents!

  • Back to school plan

    As your family builds a rhythm going back to school, use this tool for planning out some goals for everyone in your family!  Be sure to include some goals for serving as a family and family fun, too!

  • Year-long Plan

    If you enjoyed making a back to school plan, consider making a yearlong plan for your family!  Help your family find it's unique identity and make plans to fulfill that identity together!


    Setting goals is a huge benefit, but to really appreciate your time spent together, be sure you are celebrating the wins!  As you start a school year, keep the end in mind!  What will a great celebration look like?  How will your family enjoy the end of the school year?  Paint this picture from the start and help your family get excited about achieving all your family goals.

  • CELEBRATE THE WINS - SPecial Needs edition

    We know every family is unique, but we also know we all need to celebrate the wins, big or small!  Check out this resource for helping your family celebrate all the wins!

  • CElebrate the wins - Award Certificate

    We know kids benefit from encouraging words and special recognition!  Here's a certificate you can use to celebrate the wins for each of your kids.

  • Lunchbox Encouragement Cards

    Your kids will benefit from a healthy lunch, but they'll benefit even more with some words of encouragement from you!  Print this PDF document, cut apart the cards, and put a personal note on the back for your kid!  Slip it in their lunchbox before they head to school and help them through their day!

  • Preschool Family Serve Ideas

    A great way for your family to invest in the faith of your children is to serve together, even when they are preschoolers!  Here's a resource for parents of preschoolers to set the groundwork for the heart of Christ in your kids!

  • Family Prayer Calendar

    Take time with your family each day to intentionally pray for all aspects of your lives.  Here's a tool to help guide you and your kids in prayer for a month.